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Okayama Tourist Information

I am informing of major tourist spots in Okayama city.

文章は、例文です。 参考サイトのため、SEO対策はしていません!

Tourist information is like an appendix. The main purpose is the site aimed at the disclosure of WEB technology.

それぞれのタイトルは、画像ではなく、WebFontです。8341WEBは、 nanden社員教育部門です。

Information on various tools

When creating the web, I introduce useful tools to know.

Famous sightseeing spots in Okayama city

Anyhow, it will be Korakuen, one of the 3rd generation Japanese parks. Next, the Okayama castle accompanying it. I will introduce some representative attractions of Okayama in several places.



Introduction of producers

We will introduce the producers of this page.


Okayama 8341 WEB is a non-profit WEB production group aimed at spreading the use of WeB technology by many people.